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How Do I Take Screenshots? (we always had this howto on CSO, not sure what happened to it, so have redone it)

This has to be one of the most often asked of any FAQ questions on any games sites. I will stick with UOSU (Ultima Online Screenshot Utility) as its the simplest and has good options. There are many others out there such as hypersnap, but unless you want some serious other functions and or want to pay then I would go for UOSU which also has the added benefit of being free.

NOTE: Please make sure that you replace your drive letter with your own :\ Drive

Fig 1 - First downlaod the file from CSO. The file is can be downloaded here Tools Dowloads/Misc

Fig-2 Now save your file to somewhere such as desktop where you can easily find it.

When you download a UOSO its is as a zip file ie: UOSU.zip. If you do not have a ZIP program you can download Winzip from this site under Utilites. If after reading this you are still unclear you can e-mail me at sulla@closecombat.org

Once you have downloaded and are ready to unzip it and you will be ready to go. (I would suggest a basic easy to remember location such as C:\UOSU ) I also always create a shortcut on the desktop such as:

Fig3: This is useful but you can run it from its own directory.

When you have got the program unzipped and in place, just click on the icon such as in Fig3 and you will get a screen such as in Fig4 above. Once you have got to this screen you have a few options to set and you will be ready to go. Always use Prt Scn key (print screen key) when you need to save a screen. Its that simple. : )


1) Jpeg Compression (This allows you to use the jpeg compression as a default or it will save as simple bmp files)
2) Quality simple sliding scale of 1 - 100%
3) Clip Title Bar (will save the title bar or not as desired)
4) Auto Shutter - This is one of the most useful features as it allows you to set the auto shutter which will take pics thoughout your game at preset intervals.
5) Clipping, allows you to set the size of screen you wish to save by default. I always use 800X600 but you can use what suits you.
6) File name, this allows you to either create a unique file name or just use the default file name.
7) Key assign allows you to assign any key to use to capture screens, I always use Prt Scn key (print screen key)
as it is eay to remember and use during a game.

Once you have follwoed the above intructions you should be able to take as many screens as you wish and see them saved as in the image below:

Fig5 Click To Enlarge

NOTE: Once you have mastered taking screenshots you can strat to use programs, such as paintshop pro or LView to crop and resize them, we will add a new help section on this soon. Hope that you find this at least seni useful ; )


Download Here