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Slow down New computers

Postby Ernie_M » Thu Feb 22, 2007 9:43 pm

Lately I've be reading were people are having scrolling
problems while playing the Close Combat series games on
newer computers.

For years, I ran CC2, 4 and 5 on a standard 233mhz Pentium
with 48 mb of ram using a 16mb Voodoo Banshee video card.
All the versions worked fine in every way with this machine.

As everyone is aware, these games were developed in the
97-2000 time frame, taking into account the hardware of
the times. So this old Pentium was perfect for Close Combat.

I recently acquired a new 3.1mhz Pentium 4 and was at first
happy with the fast loading of CC4. My happiness faded when
in starting the game, the scrolling was so fast, the game
was virtually unplayable. Fortunetly, I had this program
called TurboDown. It works WITHIN Windows and as the name
implies, has the ability to slow down a fast machines and
stop the "Wild" scrolling WITHOUT affecting game play.

Problem solved and no need to mess around in the machine
BIOS to slow down the computer!


The program was developed in 97' and works with 95, 98se,
NT and Me. Not sure about Xp or Vista.


Turbo Down is a software "Turbo Switch".
You may set the effective CPU speed anywhere from 1 to 100%
of full speed. All programs will execute at the reduced CPU
speed set by Turbo. It is useful for programs that to be
slowed down to run on a faster CPU than originally intended.


- Requires Intel CPU (Sorry, AMD Guys).

- One minor issue, the program does increase CPU temp.
about 10 degrees F. This shouldn't be a concern with a good
box and proper cooling...Try it, it may work for you.
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