CC5 H2H and vista?

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CC5 H2H and vista?

Postby jumbotx » Thu Jun 14, 2007 8:14 am

Looking for the final word probably isnt possible, but how about the lastest word? what works and what doesnt?

From all the threads out there, I gather solo play is not a problem. After that theres seems to be several different things said out there basically saying direct connection is a no go but its possible through gamespy.

My friend loaded up CC5 on his vista laptop and we were actually able to play one battle via direct. After that it hasnt worked. Unlike some folks who cant get a tcp/udp multiplayer screen to show, he gets one regularly but there is no completed connecton.

Vista seems to have issues with gamespy. That has been completely unsuccessful. he can navigate but cant see other people in the rooms and also cant be seen.

SO NOW....anyone got any good info that can help?
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Re: CC5 H2H and vista?

Postby Pzt_Wruff » Tue Jun 19, 2007 12:44 am

GS is just a little whacked for everyone I think. If he cannot see his opponents room then both players must leave the CC5 loby and return, then he'll see the room when they both return to cc5 loby and host again.

This happens especially when one player or the other (or both) has already played a battle through GS, returned to the loby, and tries to host or join another game. You've gotta leave cc5 loby together and then return. Then should work fine.
Happens regardless of your OS.
GS just can't refresh on it's own it seems. Takes a little tweaking.

I don't know why he can't see players nor be seen in GS though. If he's on your GS buddies list there then you should be able to host a room and then pull him into it using one of the options available in the user cp there.
I personally cannot even get into the CC5 loby without using the direct url for that room,and for a while there before I figured that out then my opponents would just pull me directly into their hosted game room via their buddies list.
This issue did begin when I got the Vista OS.
Now I use this url, close5://GSP!close5!XOuW1lss4X/?type=staging and copy and paste it into the gs "open url" option in the upper right screen drop down menu there. Gets me into the cc5 loby.

I experience no other extraordinary issues with GS that I didn't have before.

Only thing with Vista that concerns me is that my CC direct connect screen isn't there anymore, as you mentioned. So if GS goes away then so does CC for me.

Good luck

Hope this is worth something to you. :)
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