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CC2 Problem.

Postby E-Bass » Thu Dec 06, 2007 2:49 pm

Hi, just wondering if you guys could help me out on a little problem I've been having with CC2. I just reinstalled it on a modern PC, the game starts and it says "loading", then when it gets to the opening video (the short one that shows planets and stuff and probably the developers name or something) I can hear the music but the screen is just black and it never progresses.

Many thanks
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Re: CC2 Problem.

Postby Senior Drill » Fri Dec 07, 2007 9:05 pm

Humm, dissapearing posts. Five hours ago there were three other posts in this thread; one by Mafi, a response by E-Bass and a post by me.

I'll repeat most of what I said:

E-Bass, hold down the Ctrl Key when you click the shortcut to or the actual CC2.exe. This will bring up an options window. Uncheck the "Play Videos" box. That should allow the game to play.

That is the quick work around. The fix might be the same as for CC3, CC4 and CC5. I'm not sure if it works for CC2. Download the old Intel Codec and install it. That should fix the problem by installing old and depricated video codecs that will allow older videos to play.

You can find it in the "Other" section at the bottom of the Downloads.
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