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plugin manager

Postby Thorvald » Sun Sep 14, 2014 6:31 pm

long time ago i knew how to operate a plugin manager, now im completely dumb as to how to use.

i have the ccv plugin manager on my desk top has 4 plugins in it, but they dont instal.
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Re: plugin manager

Postby KG_Werfer » Sun Sep 14, 2014 11:15 pm

I am terrible with instructions (LOL) but am gonna try.

create the plugin manager, not in the same folder that CC5 is located...

Make sure you then have a folder titled "Plugins" If it's not created, then make one.

Extract all .pln files to the newly created Plugins folder. Some have to use "Run as Administrator" by right clicking the .exe if using Windows 7.

If I left anything out that won't get it going for you? Ask away. I use the plugin managers for all versions of this game from cc3-TLD, WAR etc..

Think issue you may have is to creat some kind of folder in C: Drive (or whatever you have it named) and then extract the Plugin manager there, just like posted.. NOT in the CC5/4/3 foldedrs. I have mine in a separate folder itself, which works fine for the older CC versions.

Ditto the Plugin manager for TLD/LSA/WAR, except I installed it INSIDE the Matrix folder.. Making it super easy to locate and use.
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