Optimal number of VLs on map?

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Optimal number of VLs on map?

Postby SG_Igor » Tue Sep 06, 2005 2:04 am

Something strange is happening to modified (only maps are changed and everything else is as it was before... mod is standard RealRed) CC3 grand campaign I`m playing with my clan mate - computer is extremely restrictive regarding victory calculation after each operation. The most points both of us was receiving so far is 1, maybe 2, although ALL victory locations (on ending map) were usually captured/secured by attacker. So after 6 operations played total campaign score is only 6:5 :confused: Now I suppose this is somehow related to number of VLs we`ve put on each map - this number is increased comparing with original GC... on most of maps we`ve used all available VL slots. Any suggestions, please?
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