CCWEF Test torney Initial reports

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CCWEF Test torney Initial reports

Postby Misfit » Sat Jun 10, 2006 8:14 pm

Telegram To: Komander Olaf, Komanding Officer Eighth Guards Army
From: Field Komander Misfit, Eighth Guards Forward Reconnaissance Company
Date: July 25, 1944

Trusted Kamerad, My forward reconnaissance elements and I have just returned
from the hills on the western outskirts of Podwierzbie. Our movement was slow
and tedious under the relentless Polish sun. We slipped into position and
monitored the German forward positions in order to make battle plans for our


Situation: German occupied town must be cleared of defenders in order for our
Russian advance to continue.

Capture the German strong hold of Magnuszew. Capture forward battle positions
for further Russian attacks into the Post Office complex; and on into Warsaw.

The Germans firmly have possession of both dominate hills across the Vistula;
Hill 189 and Hill 195. The open ground leading up to these peaks offers little
cover. The cover that is available is just satisfactory enough for a well laid
enemy ambush, hence sending my troops to further fertilize the Polish soil; a
feat I hope to avoid. Therefore I have concentrated my energies on the apparent
'strong point' that the Germans possess- The town itself and primarily the
German strong hold on Magnuszew. This is coded as phase line 'Mustard seed' on
my units map objectives. Once 'Mustard seed' has been planted my units will
focus on securing the rest of the village; at which time the German komander
will be sneaking troops to counter attack and will be sending other forces to
reinforce the Post Office strong point. I also calculate that the German support
elements will be engaging my forward units with indirect fire support at this
time. To counter these measures I have arranged for a blocking force of 1
(one)Russian Panzer, a komand team, and a HMG section to wait in a harbor
position securing the Russian established pontoon crossing from German counter
attack. On the eastern side of the river a second HMG section will secure a
position in the wood line and assist with the main bodies thrust into the town
by providing suppressive fire on enemy positions in the town. My support units
located behind but north of the hills we used for reconnaisance will consist of
a third komand team and a mortar section. The mortar section will be instructed
to hold fire until the forward units have planted the mustard seed, they will
then begin dropping suppressive fire onto the post office sector of the town to
counter the German build up there to ease pressure on my Forward units. The main
assault force will consist of Engineer and Infantry combination as well as a 4th
komand team and myself in a komand panzer. A SU152 will provide direct fire
support for the assault force. Swift movement into and through the buildings in
the town will minimize the amount of time my forward units will be exposed to
the German supporting arms and MG teams. When the town is secured and all
previous VLs are maintained Phase 2 of my mission ( Phase Line Orchard) will be
complete. I will then receive status reports from all my junior komanders and
act according to my remaining force strength. If the reserves are present a push
on the German held post office will be attempted towards the days end. If the
resources are not available I will consolidate my remaining forces and firm up
the Company's positions in the town and near the river. The core focus of my
mission objective is to capture key supporting arms positions for further
assault, avoid the devastating fields of fire offered by hill 189 and 195 and
any supporting arms positioned there. By concentrating the point of attack to a
specific objective my efforts are to stretch the German defensive lines and
cause the German komander to maneuver to my attack positions. Should the German
forces concentrate their forces in the town prior to my advance then my assault
force will utilize the mortar support prior to phase line orchard and use the
indirect fire to suppress the enemy along with the SU152. Should the primary
force be decimated the support komand elements and 2 HMG sections will be
utilized to stave off enemy counter attack. These are the key elements for my
POA. I will send news via courier as we progress. I look forward to greeting you
with Polish Rum as we sift through the German mail parcels from the 3 story post
office complex.

Administration and Logistics:
All units, machinery, reserves, and material will be supplied by Eighth Guards
Supply Company. Wounded will be trucked back to the Eighth Guards Head Quarters
Medical Aid facility in the town of Podwierzbie. Future supplies and rations
will be supplemented from captured German stock and Polish supplies in the town
across the Vistula as well as Eighth Guards supply company.

Command and Signal:
The Russian Offensive will be launched by Time HOC from direct order via
Misfit's Forward Command Post 0430 July 27, 1944

Phase Line Mustard Seed complete; a red signal flare will be launched from
Phase Line Orchard complete; Blue signal flare from the forward most position
will be launched.

The units will automaticly firm up the forward most positions and reserve
positions near the pontoon bridge. Couriers from Misfits Mobile Command Post
will be dispatched if further assaults are to be launched. These orders will
come only after Mustard Seed and Orchard are achieved; after evaluating the
Company's tactical strength the decision of further advance will be made.

Chain of Command is Komander Misfit CO of Eighth Guards Recconaissance Company,
2nd in komand is MasterSergeant Dill, 3rd Master Sergeant Blabs' Khe, 4th
Komisar Hendrix. If the unit is weakened of all primary komand elements the
senior NCO's will assume komand, reform battle groups and conduct defensive
tactics until reserves from Eighth Guards Head Quarters arrive.

Thus concludes my initial observations and evaluation of the proposed Russian
offensive across the Vistula with the goal of reaching and controlling the
Polish town of Warsaw.

Best Regards,
Komander Misfit
Eighth Guards Reconnaissance Company
(outskirts near)
Podwierzbie, Poland
July 1944

FLASH Report from Eight Guards Forward Reconnaissance Company Field Head Quarters; Komander Misfit, Eighth Guards Reconnaissance Company CO
Date:July 27, 1944

Directed To: Komander Olaf Komanding Officer Eighth Guards Army

Greetings Komander I am very pleased to be looking at the Polish sky and be among the living, the assault has been launched. As was reported to your komand post July 25, my unit followed my initial attack plan. Only two battle changes were made prior to assault; 1. A smoke screen was directed on the towns three story post office structure. 2. Reconnaissance by fire was directed at the three story post office structure as well as a few smaller buildings in the town. The forward assault elements came under instant fire and as per my directed POA our indirect fire and support guns began attempting to suppress the enemy. I was at the head of the assault formation and in the first moments of the battle lost 2 of my komand team members. We returned fire and pressed on. The assault force continued forward and enemy fire was coming from all directions. The units continued on with the POA and did not veer from their objectives. Phase Line Mustard Seed was quickly achieved. The battle groups reformed and pressed the enemy. After multiple engagements with scattered German units Phase Line Orchard was achieved and the town and the Strong Point of Mgnuszew were firmly in Russian control. The NCOs delivered quick SITREPS to Misfit HQ and the decision was made to: 1. push the assault into the Post Office Structure and 2. Launch a second assault into the hill positions 189 & 195 on the German Western Flank. The attack on the post office quickly escalated into an intense firefight as German Infantry supported by 1 komand half track destroyed one of our supporting SU152s, and violently exchanged grenade, small arms, and MG fire with my assaulting squads (at this point my squads were hastily assembled ad hoc battle squads). The attack on the German flank met no resistance and my units rolled up the flank and began to maneuver in from the rear of the remaining German defenders cutting off any German chances of a tactical withdraw. As the days fighting drew to a close the German resistance across the Vistula was eliminated as a few scattered German soldiers retreated to fight another day. The battle was a fierce and bloody contest. The German kommander VonStuppe with his weakened defense elements made my Forward Reconnaissance Company pay dearly for the days objectives. We have since deployed forward scouting patrols to ensure we are not counter attacked. The remainder of my forces are fortifying the town and refitting. We look forward to your arrival and bid you the best of luck as you continue to press the attack. I myself must depart now to monitor the defensive positions and ready my Company for our next mission.

Komander Misfit
Eighth Guards Reconnaissance Company
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Re: CCWEF Test torney Initial reports

Postby schrecken » Sat Jun 10, 2006 11:08 pm

Excellent report comrade misfit.

We had aircraft in the air supporting your efforts, do you have no reconnaissance photos included in your report?

Press on and keep up the good work.
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Re: CCWEF Test torney Initial reports

Postby Misfit » Sun Jun 11, 2006 4:22 pm


I am trying to see if I have posted this correctly. The Eighth Guards Recon Commander apologizes for the lack of photos. Seems the Germans had me under such heavy fire that I was using my rifle and forgot to take any photos in the heat of the battle!! :violent-s
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Re: CCWEF Test torney Initial reports

Postby Misfit » Sun Jun 11, 2006 6:38 pm

Figured out the pic attach method, here is the only photo captured after the battle was completed. Eighth Guards Recon Company Kommander Misfit; and the casualty figures at the end of the battle.
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Re: CCWEF Test torney Initial reports

Postby schrecken » Sun Jun 11, 2006 10:54 pm

You cut a dashing figure... compliments to your tailor!
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Re: CCWEF Test torney Initial reports (day 4)

Postby Misfit » Sun Jun 18, 2006 7:05 pm

Telegram To: Komander Olaf, Komanding Officer Eighth Guards Army
From: Field Komander Misfit, Eighth Guards Forward Reconnaissance Company
Date: July 29, 1944

SITREP from Misfit Field HQ; Mariampol Poland

Greetings kommander, due to the rapid Russian advance I was unable to send a SMEAC report detailing my POA for the Eighth Guards Reconnaissance Company. I am however, pleased to inform you that we have seized the German held positions in Mariampol and Grabnowola. The entire town and all primary structures are in Russian control.

Eighth Guards Reconnaissance Company launched its attack from the crossroads of Mariampol to Baroza. My initial Marine and Rifle elements again came quickly under German fire. Suppressive fire was directed on targets in the town and positive results were attained. The forward elements pushed into the town and quickly gained control of the Grabnowola strong hold. The Germans did knock out one of our supporting SU's in the first moments of the battle, the crew held fast and operated as an SMG assault team later in the day's fighting to help route out a stubborn German pocket. Gaining control of the town was my company's primary objective. Once the key structures in the town were in Russian control, I shifted my efforts to securing the town and clearing out all pockets of German resistance. This tactic will provide excellent supporting arms positions as you press the advance. Once the town was cleared I sent elements to the north and south to secure jump off positions for your forward elements. They accomplished this task successfully. The Germans offered fierce resistance around Grabnowola and even mustered enough reserves to launch a counter attack to our northern positions in Mariampol. Approximately two German Gruppes attacked to the north but were met by two Guards Engineer squads and Kommander Hendrix's T34. The fire fight between these units was intense but brief; with the town in Russian control all communications to the German Komand elements had been cut off the Germans counter attacking lost their will to fight and quickly surrendered in mass.

The German kommander had employed multiple PaK guns that harassed our units in the town. An attempt to suppress the guns with our Company mortar section had negative results. After several shots from the southern PaK, kommander Dill wheeled about fast and engaged and destroyed the PaK cannon with his T34. The gun on hill 239 in the North was never located.

Eighth Guards Reconnaissance Company pressed hard and achieved the days objectives of establishing a strong launching AO for your continued advance while sustaining minimal casualties. We will reinforce our forward lines and await your arrival.

Kommander Misfit Eighth Guards Reconnaissance Company
Mariampol Poland
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