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Beyond the Beach GC AAR

Postby KG_Wiking » Sun Jun 05, 2005 6:10 am

This is an open campaign as I still need to get the feel of the mod as do the others playing, and I felt the best way would be to play all comers and try to get some battles in.

The settings are Line v Line
BTB Grand Campaign KG Wiking US All comers German
15 Min
No Morale

Day One 6am Mederet (CCBob plays Germans)
The GC starts similarly to other GC with this strat map. A battle for the Mederet map between 82nd ABN forces and a German unit of the 243rd with STUG Support.

The differences is that this is a meeting engagement on a rather large map with the Germans not near their supply line, nor are the US boys for that matter. Germans have the armor advantage and the airborne have not yet gotten their larger support weapons, and must use zooks to hold off German armor threat.

US airborne forces set up near Mederet to attempt to cut off German supply.

The goal is to get to the north exit at Monteburg.

US forces lead by two Pathfinder teams head fast towards the North sector of the map while another group heads to the center of town.


Also the three tube 60mm battery fires on suspected German routes of advance.

German STUG heads down the road towards the bridge, and air strike is called in. The STUG is immobilized, but still covers the bridge.

While I was able to take the North VL and cut Germans supply, a determined counter attack took back much of the town from me, and the concentrated fire of German Assault guns caused heavy casualties.


One of the brigther notes, without a photo, sorry got too excited, was a Pathfinder team taking out a Marder that wandered too far away from its infantry support and off by itself with Gammon Bombs.


Tare Green 6am Pzt Ronson plays Germans.
Germans are tough in this mod, make no mistake. One of the reasons is that their AT guns rather than having snap and crackle but no pop have that POP added.
US goes tank heavy on Tare Green rolling seven tanks, but will it be enough?


Sadly, I am again too frenetic in my battle to get shots that come out well. PZT Ronson does an admirable job in hurting me with well placed MG's. I lose a light tank to a lucky mortar shot, another to an AT gun and another to mines. I do get off the beach, but can hardly call my advance a success.


Off we go to Amferville where the US 82nd again squares off against Germans with some mixed light tank support. Here I want to get an exit either to the North or to the South. Partly to perhaps threaten supply, and also because I like to keep my ABN boys on the move. Particularly if there is a fair fight!

I am able to get a light tank and come close to taking out his second with an iinfantry push. I obtain the south VL to P'ont Labbe and make some gains in the center. I wait to the end to try and push to the town, but his MG's and the presence of a heavy French BIS tank make me pull back. A strong German counterattack at the end makes good ground in the center for the Axis forces.

Infantry push to the center and take out a German Recon squad.

US paratroopes push the north center sector to set up assault on the town.

Results of the Amferville battle.

And results of the GC thus far.
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Re: Beyond the Beach GC AAR

Postby Antony_nz » Sun Aug 20, 2006 11:07 pm

OH dear is the pictures are gone!!
and i wanted to see them! :confused-
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