5CC-Tutorial-TreePlanting By MAFI

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5CC-Tutorial-TreePlanting By MAFI

Postby Sulla » Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:17 pm

But how come when i made a CC2 map this thinner shadow didnt appear?


will try to understand what is possible, because it is more than a year ago I made my last map (I know it is possible, because I used this technique of making a "original CC2 map" when doing my CC2-BootCampMap for Afrika-Mod:

- create a graphic as background (this exmaple 360x240 pixels), save it as 16-bit TGA,
- launch 5CC,
- create a new map, this example 3x2 deployment tiles,

Screenshot 1.jpg

(screenshot 1)

- load TARGA as background

Screenshot 2.jpg

(screenshot 2)

Screenshot 3.jpg

(screenshot 3)

- select "tree planting tool", this example "CC2 medium 2" (of course you can use graphics of sour own instead, in this case please OBEY: pixels of this "pasted-over-graphic" to be recognized as SHADOW pixels MUST BE BLACK (RGB(0,0,0))! All non-black pixels will be placed into the "trunk layer"!),

Screenshot 4.jpg

(screenshot 4)

- "plant your trees" by clicking with this tool on the map

Screenshot 5.jpg

(screenshot 5)

You will now see three graphical layers pasted over each other: BGM pict, trunk layer (the little round brown spot in the center of the pasted data area), the trunk's shadow layer (the black line running from trunk downward right). You can toggle the visibility of each layer by clicking the buttons in the very small horizontal "layer window" (the one with the dark yellow background):

Screenshot 6.jpg

Screenshot 7.jpg

Screenshot 8.jpg

Screenshot 9.jpg

Screenshot 10.jpg

(screenshot 6,7,8,9,10)

- Export > Export BGM/background > Export all layers combined in one BGM

Screenshot 11.jpg

(screenshot 11)
to get a new BGM file containing all the new graphics, which you can reload by Import > Import BGM file

- or better: "Save As..." all your works (all layers in separate files) including data,
to have easier to change your works later on (you will see the progress bar window for each layer...)

Screenshot 12.jpg

(screenshot 12)

result is in our example 6 files, two of them TGA containg the trunk and shadow layers. For further refinement with Photoshop.

Screenshot 13.jpg

(screenshot 13)

And in 5CC you must export also the BGM as TGA:

Screenshot 14.jpg

Screenshot 15.jpg

(screenshot 14, 15)

so we will have 7 files now.

Screenshot 16.jpg

(screenshot 16)

The TGAs can be used in Photoshop to be bundled there into one single graphic (keep the original background TGA as backup), which must be reloaded into 5CC afterwards all is done as final BGM. In Photoshop you can decide which opacity the black pixels of the "shadow layer" will have (I would suggest opacity set to 55%). The opacity of the "trunk layer" should be always 100%.

Obey: in 5CC, see Preferences > Layers: here you can change the opacity of the "shadow layer" pixels as well. When you want to use Photoshop as final tool for building the final background artwork, set here the opacity of the shadow layer to 100%. If you want to have 5CC do the job, then you should change this value here in the Preferences > Layers section: I recommend to use here then 55%. In this case an export of the "shadow layer" as seperate TGA file will deliver shadows in a grey color, less suitable for handling in Photoshop.

Opportunity: you will have OVM and MMM without trunks and shadows from the first processing and will get new OVM and MMM from this last background import, so you should keep the first versions and can decide which one you want to have for final use. I hope this helps more then the already existing manual. Of course you can use other techniques to archieve the same result, but this is the one I like most.



Download Mafis Guide Locally Here:
http://www.closecombat.org/Downloads/mo ... anting.zip

Cheers - S
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