What is SO HARD or WRONG with caring decently for Veterans?

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What is SO HARD or WRONG with caring decently for Veterans?

Postby Sulla » Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:59 pm

I will NEVER understand this EVER. You fly flags, tie ribbons, say you are so proud of them, then just forget about them, leave them, let them suffer for the service they have done! Makes as much sense as US Gun NON Control..... I wrote this for a US Magazine. This is Pt 2.


What is SO HARD or WRONG with caring decently for Veterans? 22 U.S. veterans commit suicide every day!

March 20, 2015 by admin No Comment
This Photo Series Captures What Veteran Care In the USA Really Looks Like

A recent study showed that roughly 22 U.S. veterans commit suicide every day — about one every 65 minutes.

Veteran Care and Veteran Suicide in the USA is a scandal! How can such a patriotic country, with flags everywhere, so proud of their “boys” and their country let so much pain, suffering and tragedy go on? Whenever I am in the USA, I see flags, ribbons, bumper stickers, about supporting our troops, but you have the worst record in the Western World in treating, caring and honouring your veterans! 3,000,000 homeless every night with over One Third of them veterans.

Do you stop caring when it means you need to pay to look after them? Is it just a superficial “our boys” until they come home and need help? I think it is a tragedy and a major Scandal! Land of the free? To serve your country, possibly die, be mentally scared for life, then dumped out the trash! The same country that thinks Stephen Ambrose [Band of Brothers] writes REAL history! What is wrong? Why is this allowed to happen? They don’t need monuments, they need care and decent medical attention until they are fit and healthy in every way!

At the end of last summer, photographer Devin Mitchell started travelling around the United States documenting the diverse lives of veterans through semi-surreal portraits for his senior thesis project.

http://www.theliberalenglishman.com/201 ... every-day/
In 2012, a study was released demonstrating that approximately 22 U.S. veterans commit suicide every day, or about one every 65 minutes. Many of the photos address this statistic. “I think I can safely say that every person in the military has been affected by suicide,” Mitchell said. “Whether it’s something they’ve tried, or considered, or has impacted someone close to them.”

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Re: What is SO HARD or WRONG with caring decently for Vetera

Postby KG_Werfer » Tue Jul 14, 2015 8:11 am

Just a throwin point Shaun:

I have recently started wearing a patriotic hat, floppy with one of the ships I served on (USS Engage) and medals earned, some patches sewn all around and on top depicting things we did.. Merial boatlift, our ship's identifying patch many of us wore on the shoulder.. etc.. Then a Slam patch with Jane Fonda identifying her as a traitor and have had MANY people.. TOTAL strangers walk up to me and just shake my hand and thank me for my service and some tell me stories of their own service time. Occasionally I'll be chatting with one and another will walk up, especially if it is at a large venue, such as at a ballgame,which I often attend while wearing it.

That tells me the issue lies more at a government level, rather than at a people level my friend and the silent majority is not the problem and have found that out with the ones I have chatted with as well. We veterans somehow have got to find a solution to this problem, but how?

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Re: What is SO HARD or WRONG with caring decently for Vetera

Postby ReconScout » Tue Jul 14, 2015 6:58 pm

It's about priorities, I am a veteran and support veteran causes as do most of my friends. But at the government level there are a lot of priorities. The left likes to push more spending on social programs and many view veterans as part of military spending which they oppose or wish to reduce. The Right also has not always done it's part to improve things for veterans. Many of the problems today deal with poor over-site by our governmental authorities. My democratic senator was told about problems at our local VA hospital but ignored it until it blew up in the news. She is far left and had other priorities for her time.
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