MAP MAKING FAQ! READ ME PLEASE - Updated 22/03/2015

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MAP MAKING FAQ! READ ME PLEASE - Updated 22/03/2015

Postby CSO_Sbufkle » Wed Feb 28, 2007 2:11 pm

The CSO Forums are a wealth of knowledge for most things CC. The mapping forum is no exception.

That being said, you can find in this thread links to many common questions about map making. This can help you without having to wait for responses to a post & in some cases can even get you BETTER answers.

This is not intended to deter one form posting in this forum, its being made to use the thousands of posts over many years as best as possible!

Look back at this post frequently to see when new additions are added!


“HOW DO I MAKE A MAP?” – Yes the most common question of all! The CSO hosts a good guide. In here you will find the answer to LOTS of questions, although some of the most common ones will be repeated below YOU CAN FIND HERE There are other great tutorial links on key elements to map making YOU CAN FIND HERE

“WHERE DO I FIND TEXTURES & TOOLS?” –We have what you need at the CSO download section. YOU CAN FIND HERE

“WHAT IS THE PIXEL TO METERS RATIO SO I CAN SIZE THINGS PROPERLY ON MY MAP?” – 5 Pixels = 1 meter. However you will notice that the soliders in CC are scale wise then about 15 feet tall. BUT everything else, including vehicles are scaled to the 5 to 1 rule. We have lived with this for a long time!


“INVALID RECTANGLE?” – This is a common map error, there usually is one of threee issues. size of the map, the map file name being too long (7 letters or less is best) or usually the roof file is bad. Find a thread discussing this HERE
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