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Sound.sfx editing

Postby Zhukov » Tue Aug 26, 2008 12:50 am

Recently, having returned from the Curragh in DUblin after my army cadetship competition entry i decided to once again return to CC. A big life decision i'm sure you'll all agree! Anyway i downloaded all the mods i could put my hands on and dusted off the old cc disks (still can't beat the cc2 ai). I've started working on a very small mod that adjusts teams in various ways as well as terrain and weapon values for cc5. one the things i'm stuck on is the usage of new sounds in the sound.sfx file. Every time i repack the file using the sfx program the file is huge - like 1.3 gb at the mo when the original was only around 66.7mb, the game always crashes when the new sound is used. I have done this quite a bit before using sounds from other mods but since i started using sounds that i recorded from other sources such as videos this problem has arisen.
I'll outline what i'm doing below to see if that can help anyone explain why this is happening.

1. Using soundtap streaming audio recorder i record the sound from a video from youtube that has the weapon noise i want
2. I edit out the exact sequence i want
3. convert it to a wav. file
4 then i place it in a unpacked sound.sfx file then repack and place in the localfx folder.

Hopefully once of the CC vets can help!!!

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Re: Sound.sfx editing

Postby JimRM2 » Tue Aug 26, 2008 10:27 pm

I'm nearly certain it's the file settings you are saving the new wav file under.

Format: PCM uncompressed
Sample rate: 22,050 Hz
Bit Depth: 16
Channels: Stereo

These settings have worked just fine for me and render pretty decent results sonically. I'm using Acid Pro 4.0 by Sonic Foundry. Not sure how you adjust these settings in any other program.
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