Converting CC3/CoI graphics to CCV

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Converting CC3/CoI graphics to CCV

Postby pols-k7736 » Tue Aug 26, 2008 11:12 am

Sorry, this is a bit of a long one. I wanted to incorporate the rather nifty 20mm flak gun from CoI into CCV. I've got the properties of the gun no problem by creating it in GETeams.adb, Vehicles.adb, Weapons.adb & FPools.adb & got all this to work fine in the game by using the German 37mm AT gun graphic as a substitute, but am now stuck on bringing in the CoI graphic for this gun. From the other threads, I've downloaded the excellent RTBTool & CC2Spriter, so I have got as far as unpacking the CCV Guns.azp file in readiness, I've unpacked the CC3 Guns.zfx file, deleted the ZNH & ZSH files, converted the remaining NNH & NSH files to .TEX files and then I get stuck...
I know the converted TEX files I need for the 20mm Flak are r120MTR.nnh.tex & r120MTR.nsh.tex (r120MTR is the graphic reference in the CoI Vehicles.txt file)
...the RTBTool help notes refer to renaming these files and repacking them. But I am not sure what they should be renamed to - some guns have 2 Tex files, others 1, so the convention appears to be either ????_norm.tex or ????_norm_hull.tex + ????_norm_turr.tex. So where do I need to go from here to finish this little job off?
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