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Utah beach map request

Postby GameRat » Fri Aug 29, 2008 5:02 am

I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in making a map of the Utah beach area 2880 W x 1100 H pixels. It only has to show a small portion of the ocean, a beach, and the sea wall with a very small area inland (also beach obstacles).
below is an example of what is needed (taken from the DogR map).

I would simply use this section of map, but the shadows angles are different from what I require ... therefore it needs to be redone.

I was going to attempt it myself, except my mapping skills aren't good enough to do it right ... and I don't have enough time to do it anyway.
If someone wants to help, that would be great. If no one is able to ... then I will just leave out this portion of the idea I have.

The reason for requesting this map is as follows:
I have an aerial photo of the Brecourt area and have made changes to CC3 and the aerial that make them usable to recreate the events of D-Day at that location.
I had another idea a few days ago that I think would add to the project. I want to add a Utah beach section below the Brecourt map ... the idea being that the gun battery at Brecourt is firing at soldiers landing at Utah beach, and the combined map will show both the firing location and the fired upon location at the beach (which is three miles away).
So while the Airborne troops are fighting to destroy the gun battery on the top part of the map (which is Brecourt) ... the soldiers coming ashore from the water are being fired upon (which is the bottom portion of the map). For the purpose of this CC3 battle, the US soldiers need to move up across the beach and to the seawall where they will find better cover from the gun battery. A German MG and several other soldiers could also be placed inland of the seawall that would require the US troops coming ashore to direct some suppression fire towards them to enable the rest of the soldiers to move up to the seawall. A single DD tank might be used as well ... to knock out the MG. A factory wall would divide the two maps (so no units from either map could cross over) as well as a symbol explaining the 3 mile gap.

The entire map is 2880 x 2880 with the Utah section taking up about 1100 pixels of height.

If interested, please reply or send a PM

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