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Latest - AOC - CC & Site News- Update - 21st Sept 2016

PostPosted: Wed May 14, 2014 7:49 am
by Sulla
Hi All,

21 / Sept / 2016 Just posted an interview with Fran and myself by The Wargamer about Art Of Combat - Anzio 44 Link Here: ... of-combat/ .More news soon on The Art Of Combat. - S


11 / May / 2016 We have just uploaded 4 new mods to CSO. Big thanks to KG_Werfer! You can find them using the links below. More news soon on The Art Of Combat. - S

The Longest Day Mods - TLD
TLD_ Der_ Kessel

Wacht Am Rhein - WAR

TLD Mods

WaR Mods

20 / Feb / 2015 Art of Combat - New Vehicles Coming Online - Ready to go Into Game - Quick update, here is a sample of the vehicles & weapons we are producing for game. All hatches on vehicles tanks open for escape, fire, etc. These are now coming on stream to go into Battle Maps. We will have a whole lot of new screens, animations and in game shots very soon, so check back often. Use the link below for screens.

Big thanks to our art team, Tim, Geoff, Sam [animations] on vehicles, Brandon and Micah on Maps, assets etc.

Screens Here ... ?f=3&t=313

More soon,

- Sulla

21 / Nov / 2015 We have just posted 15 news screens of the Strat layer from Art of War. While these are still early alpha shots, your feedback is very welcome! There is still much work to be done, but we felt its important to keep the community updated and to get as much feedback as possible.

We are creating a brand new highly detailed AI. Obviously it will be in part familiar, but it will be much more detailed. We are working on the editor for modding, this will allow for very easy modding both of graphics and Data within the game. Big thanks to our lead gfx designer for figuring out how! There is much about AOC that will come as a surprise, also much that is familiar.

Everyone involved in very busy, either working on Animation, game mechanics, AI, Programming, GUI, BG graphics, Battle Maps, Data and more.

We will do our best to keep you posted.

- Sulla

Hi Guys,

Thought you may be interested to see some early screens of the AOC Strategic Layer. These are 4 early screenshots of Art of Combats Strategic layer. These are very early shots, we still have buildings, bridges, and a lot of other detail to go into the layer. This is based of actual satellite terrain, so its very accurate. This will be where all the strategic action in AOC will happen, in game you won't see large parts of the map due to Fog of War, we are aiming to make a strategic layer that allows you to make choices and use tactics. When finished the strategic layer will be much more detailed, but we thought you may like an early look at how things are coming along.

They are online on the new Corporate website. We will shortly have some info about the modding ability and interface from the artists who will be looking for input from any of you who may be into modding ;)

Also, we now have a very good handle on the AI and I think not a few surprises as well!

More soon and BIG thanks to the WHOLE team!

Hope you enjoy them!

Cheers - S

First AOC Pre Alpha Screenshots - 03-10-2015

We have just added 8 screens to the screenshots page of the website. These are pre-alpha, so please bear this in mind.

The team page is also now live as is the about AOC page.

Art Of Combat - First Screens

The screens show how we are progressing, we also have the GUI underway, the Campaign strat map has now been passed to the artists. AI is being developed. Progress to date is good.

Team Page

One of us will shortly add a post to the Dev Diary.

Hope you enjoy the screens and huge thanks to the team who are all working above and beyond.

Cheers - Sulla

Some news on The Art of Combat The forums have just gone online for the game we are developing. The Tactical Art of Combat [Art of Combat] You can now post directly on the games dedicated forums:

Any problems, please let us know.


27th / July / 2015 We have just added more old and a couple of new files. As soon as the download directory is up to date, we will start adding in all the maps with screens etc to the forums downloads as well as all mods etc. We are getting there ;) Please upload any file you have that we are missing or Email/PM us. Enjoy - S

Close Combat The Longest Day Allied Vetmod S vetmod2.0.exe
Close Combat The Longest Day Battle of Berlin German S
Vetmod 1.1
Close Combat The Longest Day Battle of Berlin German S
Vetmod 1.0
Close Combat The Longest Day Bloody Omaha S Vetmod V2.0
Close Combat The Longest Day Bloody Omaha S Vetmod v1.0
Close Combat The Longest Day Bloody Betio S Vetmod.
Close Combat The Longest Day CC4 Classic German S vetmod 1.0

Close Combat WAR-AOV VetBob german 1.13 german S vetmod.
Close Combat WAR german S Vetmod 1.1.exe

Close Combat Last Stand Arnhem WAR german S mod vetmod 1.0

13th / July / 2015 More new and old files! HUGE thanks for Werf for finding the Patton sound mod by [Rick] aka CSO_2MileSniper. Ricks Sound Mod Here ... . Please keep the files coming. Many I ha almost forgotten about like Jabos and many of the smaller RR mods.

DOF Files added:


RR files added:

fin rr rom graphics.pln
RRevised CAMP

wf grand camp





29 / June / 2015 Here is a list of new maps added, these are Custom maps for CC5, CC2 and CC3/CoI. There are 33 maps in this upload. Please let us know of any issues. List is below! More to be added soon! Enjoy ;)




CC2HH Nederwetten
CC2HH SonBridge





22 / June / 2015 We have added the complete new Mod WFSS and its map-pack for CC3 WFSS Mod. You can find it here: WFSS Map Pack. Also added are several new CC3 custom maps: Flip1, Flip2, Flip3, Flip4, Korsun9, Kursk2, Kursk3, Korhil, Kiev, Kiev3, Kborg, Ibnraurm, Mos2, Mosc, Naz1, Naz2, Naz3. More to be added soon! Enjoy ;)

29 / May / 2015

we have added the full game downloads for Close_Combat_CCI, Close_Combat_CCII-A_Bridge_Too_Far, Close_Combat_CCIII-The_Russian_Front, Close_Combat_IV_Battle_of_the_Bulge, Close_Combat_V_Invasion_Normandy. It seemed logical to add them as so many sites now have them for download, although some sites seem less than trustworthy with hundreds of adds and popups. These are the original 5 games CC1 thru CCV. They are all in ISO format with relevant patches. [CC-Full-Old-Titles-CC1-CC5] Enjoy ;)

04 / May / 2015 Following is a list [not 100% complete] of old/re-found/new mods uploaded to CSO. There are as mentioned before 612 CC3 custom maps converted to CC5] New CCM maps and many new files. Please check the following list. We are also always looking for new files or old files. If anyone has any files we are missing, please feel free to upload it or contact us. [I have been looking for Rick Spry's - 2MileSnipers WF SoundMod!] The Team - CSO


Sound Mods: new
Music for Africa 40
Music for CC5 BoB Berlin Charlemagne
Music for CC5 BoB Battle of Berlin

Mods Various:
GrossdeutschlandD2 (for CC3)
Datamods (CCMT)
CC3_Gilligan's Island
CC5 Africa 40 Time and Morale Hidden
CC5 Africa 40 Italian S VetMod 4.2
CC5 Battle of Berlin Time Hidden
CC5 Battle of Berlin Time and Morale Hidden
CC5 BOmaha Time and Morale Hidden
CC5 EL AL Time and Morale Hidden
CC5 GJS Time and Morale Hidden
CC5 Winter War Time and Morale Hidden
CC5 Winter War Time Hidden
CCTLD Okinawa Japan S Vetmod
CC4 Kreta s vetmod
CC5 BOB S Vetmod v2.0
CC5 Africa 40 Italian S vetmod v4.3
CC5 Africa 40 Italian S vetmod v4.0
CC5 Africa 40 Italian S vetmod v4.1
CC5 Africa 40 Italian S vetmod v4.5
CC5 Africa 40 Italian S vetmod v2.0
CC5 Ardenne Offensive Vetbob1.13 v2.0
CC5 BOB S VetMod v3.2
CC5 BOB S VetMod v3.4
CC5 BOB S VetMod v3.5
CC5 BOB S VetMod v3.6
CC5 BOB S VetMod v3.3
CC5 BOB S VetMod v2.1
CC5 BOB S VetMod v2.0
CC5 BOB S VetMod v3.1
CC5 Bloody Omaha Germ S Vetmod v2.0
CC5 Bloody Omaha Germ S Vetmod v2.1
CC5 EL AL Allied S Vetmod V1.0
CC5 EL AL Axis S Vetmod V2.0
CC5 EL AL Axis S Vetmod V3.0
CC5 EL AL Axis S Vetmod V3.2
CC5 EL AL Axis S Vetmod V3.4
CC5 GJS 4.4 Germ S Vetmod v3.0
CC5 GJS 4.4 Germ S Vetmod v2.0
CC5 GJS 4.4 Germ S Vetmod v3.1
CC5 GJS 4.4 Germ S Vetmod v3.2
CC5 GJS 4.4 Germ S Vetmod v1.0
CC5 Meuse French S Vetmod v1.0
CC5 Okinawa Japan S Vetmod v2.1
CC5 Okinawa Japan S Vetmod v2.2.1
CC5 Okinawa Japan S Vetmod v2.0
CC5 Okinawa Japan S Vetmod v2.2
CC5 Stalingrad Germ S Vetmod V2.0
CC5 Stalingrad S Vetmod V1.0
CC5 Stalingrad S Vetmod V3.1
CC5 TaliIhantala Fin S vetmod v1.0
CC5 Winter War Finland S vetmod v3.6
CC5 Winter War Finland S vetmod v3.5
CC5 Winter War Finland S vetmod v3.4
CC5 Winter War Finland S vetmod v3.3
CC5 Winter War Finland S vetmod v3.2
CC5 Winter War Finland S vetmod v3.1
CC5 Winter War Finland S vetmod v3.0
CC5 Winter War Finland S vetmod v2.0
TLD Okinawa Japan S Vetmod
CC3: Barbarossa: Requires RRGv0822 to be currently installed 1st
CC3 Alliessubs
CC3 Alliesuninstall: Requires WF-Allies III Mod
CC5 Tigermod: Requires CC5Mod SAS 303ver2.0
CC5 PztStyle1_2lite: requires GJS Submod by Pzt Penquin W/O SFX
CC5 RegXtra2.2
CC5 RegXtra3.0
CC5 RegXtra341: Appears to go along with Lord4War's BloodyOmaha Mod. These RegXtra plugins all require same maps as BloodyOmaha map, by L4W.
COI Scorched Earth Read Me
Scorched Earth CC CC3/COI Campaign (updated Shaun)
Scorched Earth Mod COIv2 CC3/COI (updated Shaun)
Created CCMT Scenario folder and added several that STWA has made, several are for large maps.
CCMT Walk Through Walls
CMTR Pertuabo
CMMT Data Workbook
TLD DAK Data workbook
COI Scorched Earth Read Me
Scorched Earth CC CC3/COI Campaign
Scorched Earth Mod COIv2 CC3/COI
CCMT Walk Through Walls
CMTR Pertuabo
V_E1.03maps2: Plugin for Volkov Elite 1.03
Whermach1.1: Appears to add 2 new GC'sn

CC3 Real Red Extras
Frontline v1.2
Misc RR Ops
RRevised CAMP

ModSwap Config Plugin Builder

CC3 Maps [incomplete list - more uploaed]
cc3 Vimy 3 package

Maps: CCMT

Maps CCM

CC3 To CC5 Map Conversions:
612 Maps Converted and uploaded

Unfinished Maps
Moro East
San Donato
San Leonardo Road
San Nicola

Unfinished Mods:
Several Uploaded

01 / April / 2015 We have uploaded several new files. There are 14 new CCM maps uploaded. You can find them with screenshots Here or in the Download Directory Here: ... s/&order=0 . We will be uploading an linking in some new CCM mods as well as a very long list of maps and mods in the very near future. Stay tuned..... The Team - CSO

List Of New CCM Maps:

  • Download CCM Custom Windtower CCM Map Here
  • Download CCM Custom Windridge CCM Map Here
  • Download CCM Custom Pointe Claire CCM Map Here
  • Download CCM Custom Deerfoot CCM Map Here
  • Download CCM Custom Crossfield CCM Map Here
  • Download CCM Custom boisbCCM Map Here
  • Download CCM Custom boisaCCM Map Here
  • Download CCM Custom Andujar CCM Map Here
  • Download CCM Custom 12CCMDEV Map Here
  • Download CCM Custom 11CCMDEV Map Here
  • Download CCM Custom Map 9CCMDV MapJM Here
  • Download CCM Custom Map 8CCMDEV Map Here
  • Download CCM Custom Map 7CCMDEV Map Here

14 CCM Maps Added To Gallery Here

28 / March / 2015 We have added several tutorials, , Sbufkles Map making guide , several others. You can find links for them all here: Close Combat Mod & Map Tools Downloads + Guides. There is a new menu, second from top left, listing new pages, guides etc. There is an updated section on using UOSU for taking screenshots, both auto capture and manual. There is a complete new section of CC3 map conversions to CC5 [Currently there are 612 maps converted to CC5 use] Many new maps, mods and tools, new and old are being uploaded. Already the list is 3 pages long. Once all the current files are up, we will post a complete list. We have managed to locate several old mods and quite a few new ones will be going up. If you have any files, feel free to upload them. Details on uploading are linked from menus. More very soon. The Team - CSO

26 / March / 2015 We have just added a new CCM map [ MojadadCCMMap ]. In the next few days there will be several new and old mods going online as well as new and old maps. We will post a complete list shortly. <----- Download CCM Map MojadadCCMMap Download Here ----->. Please don't forget for those interested, we have the full CCM3, CCM4 and CCRAF Regt for download as well.

18 / March / 2015 We have just added the CC5 Ortona1943 v1.0.plugin Mod. You can download it here. OR you can download it direct from the downloads directory here: ... 0/&order=0 . We have also added Java Runtime and several other misc files. Thanks to Pete and many others for the Ortena Mod.

26 / September / 2014We have the following mods added in and ready for download, TLD Bloody Omaha 1.4 + 2 read me's, LSA It Never Snows in September + Read me, The following CC2 Mods added: CC2 St Ooedenrode read me, CC2 St Oedenrode1 AND 1 Maps (these are also a mod), CC2 SonBridgeSouthmini modpart 1 AND 2 (RAR in a folder), CC2 Sonsouthbridgereadme, CC2 Hells Highway Mod & Maps, CCC2HHHighway1, CCC2HHNederwetten', CCC2HHNuenen, CCC2HHSonBridge, CCC2HHSonTown, Also the new Gateway to Caen Mod: GTC Smallmapmod, GTC small map mod read me. check out the downloads new files have a red NEW beside them

08 / September / 2014 Below is In Flanders Fields written by Canadian physician & Poet Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae.- WWI Remembrance. New files and mods now being uploaded, check back for details. Big thanks to KG_Werf, what would I do without you mate! Hope you enjoy the poem, it truly is beautiful and says so much with so few words! check out the downloads new files have a red NEW beside them. If we are missing a file or tool or you have any suggestions, let us know! - Cheers - Sulla

In Flanders Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

11 / August / 2014 New Gateway to Caen Patch Added. Other downloads added,check out the downloads new files have a red NEW beside them. Several More pages of German Situation maps from the archives. part 1943 / 1944. Still adding CC3 and other downloads/maps to forum download sections with screens. If we are missing a file or tool or you have any suggestions, let us know! - Cheers - Sulla

22 / JULY / 2014 More downloads added,check out the downloads new files have a red NEW beside them. 2 More pages of German Situation maps from the archives. part 1942 / 1943. Still adding CC3 maps to forum download sections with screens. If we are missing a file or tool or you have any suggestions, let us know!

08 / JULY / 2014 All downloads, everything on the CSO site, including CC:RAF are now online and read for download. You will however NEED to be logged into the forum or you cannot use the download section! They are now integrated into the portal and forums. Also I have just written an article for a US magazine on veterans, some of you may find it interesting! More German situational maps going up. More soon... S

RAF Download Section: ... mp;order=0

UK Writer: WTF Is Wrong With Americans? They Treat Veterans Horribly

I have written a piece about veterans in the US here:

I am writing about veterans, both yours and ours here in the UK. There are major similarities in duties, missions etc…for the two countries, in fact many being interchangeable units on the ground. While the UK’s veterans are not perfectly looked after and there is room for improvement, there is a massive difference in treatment between UK veterans and US veterans.

I will start with the personal experience of a friend; I worked with the USMC, the RAF Regt [Light Infantry] and others while designing simulations. I know a lot of serving and ex service personnel. One of my good friends was a master sergeant in the US Army. He had been in for 22 years and was due out on terminal leave, he had already done several active tours and two tours in Iraq. He volunteered to go for a 3rd tour as he could not let his men and the new guys go out without being there to guide them. He felt he had to go back to look after his men, despite desperately not wanting to go.

While deployed he got shot, hit seven times, bullets broke his rifle in two and even his body armour could not save him 2 months in hospital. He was nearby four IEDs when they went off, luckily in vehicles; he was around the chemical burning pits used to burn chemicals found by the army and disposed of in fire pits. He finished his tour and had pretty severe PTSD, but got on with things; he became a deputy sheriff and settled down to civilian life

To Read the Whole article - Click Here ... -veterans/

Let me know what you think!

08 / JULY / 2014 ALL CSO DOWNLOADS are now online. They are not yet posted with screens or linked to forums, But I have added software allowing easy navigation of our downloads for those in a hurry.CSO Downloads All Online If you find we are missing anything, please let us know. All files will still eventually be linked via the forum/portal site with screens, readmes etc.

05 / JULY / 2014 Just finished uploading and linking in all the Kreta mod maps with Full size screenshots. Kreta v1.0 Individual Maps + Screens CCIV Download [see list below]. Now starting on general CC tools all versions as well as continuing with the posting of German Situational Maps and CCIII maps.


03 / JULY / 2014 With much sadness I post: RIP ArmeeGruppeSud - A Veteran CC Modder Dies suddenly of heart failure age 54! So young! - RIP ArmeeGruppeSud - I am very sad to post that a long standing member of the CC Community has died. Click Here to View Post viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17685&p=128922#p128922 SW

01 / JULY / 2014 Uploaded and Linked Road to Moscow CCIII/CoI Grand Campaign by GDS Starfury and the MapPack. More ongoing.... Around 20 Brand new maps going up v soon!

29 / JUNE / 2014 All CCIV [Battle of the Bulge] mods are uploaded, see list below. Also adding in CC4 Kreta maps with Full size screenshots. These have to be some of the best maps ever created for any version of CC. CCIV Mod Downloads Page. Have added Kreta maps to the gallery as well: CCIV Close Combat 4 KRETA Mod Map Screens.

Close Combat IV [4] Mods Uploaded So Far
CC4 US Voices plugin
True Tiger plugin
True Tank plugin
XMod v1.0 plugin
CC4 True Black v1.0 plugin
Rebellion in the Ardennes v1.1_plugin
Map AI Mod plugin
CC4 Ice Tanks v1.3 plugin
GROGS BoB Graphic v1.03 installer
CC4 Grogs Bob Air Strike installer
CC4 Ersatz v2 plugin
Classic Platoon Maps v1.0 plugin
VetBoB1.12 - Close Combat: IV
Winter War v1.22 Vet Mod& H2H plugins
CC4 Vet Bob v1.13 plugin
Vet Bob v1.13 Smaller Tanks plugin
CC4 VetBoB1.11
VetBob v1.13 Vet Mods plugins
CC4 Upgrade Mod plugin
Winter War v1.22 plugin
Kreta v1.0 plugin -
Winter War v1.22 mappack
CC4-Vb5fr - Close Combat: IV
Company Commander plugin
AIGC plugin - Close Combat: IV
Classic Futures CC4CC5 plugin
GROGS BoB Infantry v1.0 installer
CC4 Team Names v1.4 plugin
True Green 1.0 plugin
Vet Bob v1.13 Repainted Maps MapPack + Map Screens
CC4 Vet Bob v1.13 Rookie Terrain plugin
Vet Bob v1.13 Sound Mods plugin
CC4 Kreta v1.0 Map Pack
Continuing on with CCIII custom maps and Kreta Individual Maps. PitF Full size Map Screens will be up in the near future.

29 / JUNE / 2014 Been a busy morning. Most WaR mods are now uploaded. Also all WaR patches. See list below: We have just added all map screens and for CC:GtC. Gateway To Caen Screens Carrying on with CCIII maps. Added German Situational maps captured after WW2 Ended. German-Situational-Maps-WW2-Captured-End-Of-War. This is an ongoing project until the complete list of maps are uploaded. Lots more still to do. Any and all suggestions are welcome! Close Combat WAR Mod Downloads

WAR Files Linked In:
WaR New OVMs
Less Panthers Mod v2.0
Digs Sound Mod v1.0 Installer
Utah_v1.31 WaR Mod Install
Village Assault 2 In Game Video
Nutz Installer v1.2 WaR Mod Install
CC: ABTF v1.0 WaR Mod Install
Patch v45015b
WaR Realism Soundmod
AO VetBoB 1.13 German S Vetmod 1 0
Bloody Omaha German S Vetmod 1.0
Vehicles 167-VetBoB
AO VetBoB v1.03
Stock Mod v1.1
Bloody Omaha v1.3
Ground Tactics v2.0

28 / JUNE / 2014 Two Panthers in the Fog Mods Uploaded: PitF Mod Downloads Added several new CC Modern Tactics Mods
The Following: -
CCMT ARMY Upgrade v1.0_plugin
CCMT CC2Redux v2.0

ALSO Added: Close Combat CCIII -
Gallipoli 1918 Mod [Beta] Download
CCIII - Kursk Mod [Beta] by Sabot.

CC: Last Stand Arnhem Mods Linked In:
CC-LSA-MetalMod1.00 ZIP
CC LSA Mod GJS v6.00
LSA Mod Non StaticTeams v1.00
CCLSA Mod Non StaticTeams v1.00 ZIP
LSA Small Soldier v5
LSA Small Soldier v766
LSA Small Soldier v95
LSA Real Walls for LSA EXE
LSA Real Walls for LSA ZIP

About CCMT CC2Redux v2.0
CC2 Redux for CCMT - Version 2
by Zon

This mod replaces all stock forces in Close Combat Modern Tactics with units from Close Combat II: A Bridge Too Far. It does not yet include a complete map set. There are seven maps from CC2, nine converted scenarios and two new scenarios designed for H2H for 2-4 players. Data is based on the 3.4 CC2 patch used in online play at and Battle HQ.

1. Corrects zoom-out VL graphics
2. Gives the Puma the proper maingun
3. Reduces LOS through buildings via windows
4. Reduces vehicle speeds closer to CC2 behaviour
5. Tweaks existing scenarios to prevent force changes and to standardize game time limit to 30 minutes
6. Add two new maps and scenarios, Oosterbeek Landing Zone and Veghel Bridge.

Players of original CC2 will notice numerous game engine improvements in CCMT, including unit-facing control, multiple waypoints for better unit pathfinding, vehicles that carry passengers, unit dig-in commands, air and off-map support, improved game effects, and multiplayer for up to ten players (that many players is not recommended for CC2 maps). All units and maps will look like they did in CC2, but not all game characteristics will be exactly the same. LOS will not always be the same as in CC2, for example. Voice cues: German voices are from later CC releases for this release.

This mod offers a great assortment of Allied and German units to use in the WWII setting (Market-Garden period), including U.S., British, Polish, SS, Heer and FJ forces. Maps from CC2 are far smaller than typical CCMT maps and H2H play should likely be limited to four players, but you might find that the smaller play area makes the AI a far better opponent. Battle dynamics are far different as well -- Close Combat really is close.

Passenger carrying is limited for CC2 Redux. One halftrack type on each side carries soldiers. You can ID these vehicles by the (P) at the end of their names: SDKfz 251/1 HMG (P) for Germans and BR M3 HT (P) for Allies.

1. Some vehicle hotpoint adjusting
2. More map and scenario conversions
3. German voices cues from CC2 need to be ported
4. Tweaks to air and artillery strikes

Send comments, suggestions, offers of help, bugs to

19 / JUNE / 2014 All Close Combat [TLD] CC The Longest Day Okinawa Maps are uploaded with screenshots. [I know Finally lol] Now adding CCIII and CoI mods and carrying on adding CCIII custom maps. Several beta mods and maps to upload! Enjoying Gateway to Caen!
10/06/2014 New STEAM forums are open for Close Combat: Gateway to Caen. Click Here Close Combat: Gateway to Caen Other site additions ongoing.Check Back for CC: GtC AAR's, Videos etc...
06/06/2014 Close Combat: Gateway to Caen released. Read Below for more details. Okinawa TLD Maps and Screens almost Finished. CCIII Maps Ongoing.
Close Combat: Gateway to Caen is the latest release in the critically- acclaimed Close Combat series, and the final release of the current game engine. Gateway to Caen focuses on the largest, concentrated British offensive since the Normandy landings in an attempt to penetrate the German lines west of Caen and cross the Odon River to get the stalled advance moving again. With Close Combat: Gateway to Caen you can play at the strategic and tactical level, putting yourself in the boots of both the generals and the platoon commanders.
You can move or combine your battlegroups on the strategic level and decide the outcome of battles on the tactical level. You will command squads in close combat situations, using small arms, mortars, machine guns, armored cars, and tanks to triumph against the enemy.
You command artillery and mortar barrages and even air strikes. You will get to know individual solders, platoons, battalions, and the larger brigades and battle groups which they comprise. Players can experience the desperate situation of the outnumbered, but well-armed Panzergrenadiers, or the daunting offensive mission of the fully-supported British infantry advancing across the treacherous Odon Valley. At your command are Churchill, Cromwell, Firefly, Sherman, Stuart tanks and more. Panther, Tiger, Stug, and Mk.IV tanks will arrive to support German Panzergrenadiers as they try to hold the line against a concerted British attack. The historic scope of Operation Epsom is captured in single battles, operations, and the grand campaign. The strategic battlefield offers over two dozen individual battlefields with over three dozen accurately portrayed German and British battle groups. British infantry regimental history is reflected in name among the various battalions. You can deploy your battalions as they actually fought in the struggle for the Odon. The game includes all new maps and a range of upgraded effects. Close Combat: Gateway to Caen Downloads & Discussion

03/06/2014 Okinawa currently under way. DosBox Games Emulator - Running Dos programs/games in windows. Uploaded another 15 MapPacks... Still linking in CC3 maps. More Soon.
29/05/2014 All CC The Longest Day Meuse Mod Individual map files with screens are linked in, Okinawa currently under way. CC:TLD Download ALL Meuse Mod Ind Maps + Screens Here New social share buttons added. These appear on every topic, so you can share via Facebook, Twitter, etc direct from each post. More Soon.....
28/05/2014 CCIII/COI Desert Storm Beta Mod Uploaded + 3 Maps ready to Download.Also Added: CC: Modern Tactics Bloody Omaha Plugin Mod (Beta)
Desert Storm Mod 1991 for CC3/CoI - Big Thanks to DAK_Legion
27/05/2014 CCIII - Close Combat 3 Custom maps, linked in to K, ongoing .... Possible Gallipoli Mod For CC3 Found + Others......
More Mods and Individual Maps with Screens Uploaded. New Beta mods going up shortly. Progress continues...
23/05/2014 CCII Mods are all linked in. Meuse for TLD and more CCIII maps getting linked in. Hopefully Beta mods linked in very soon!
Close Combat II Mod Downloads If you notice any missing mods please let us know or upload them. Cheers S
All Close Combat TLD Mod Battle for Caen Maps are now individually ready for download together with full sized screen preview for every map. See Link below. CCIII Maps Ongoing. Many new beta mods and some older maps being linked in now.
TLD Close Combat Battle for Caen Ind Maps
19/05/2014All Close Combat TLD Mod Ebro v2 Maps are now individually ready for download together with full sized screen preview for every map. See Link below. CC2 mods are gradually also being linked in, as well as continued linking in of all CCIII custom maps. Several forgotten, lost, etc maps and some beta mods also being gradually added.
TLD Close Combat Mod Ebro v2 Maps
18/05/2014 All Close Combat TLD: Kharkov Maps are now individually ready for download together with full sized screen preview for every map. See Link below. We have also added a forum for downloading of all beta and unfinished mods, all versions. If anyone has info or links for unfinished mods, please post there and let us know!
TLD: Close Combat Kharkov Maps
18/05/2014 ## NOTICE ## The sites inbuilt spam filter was rejecting as spam all common free emails by default [as spammers] anything etc etc were being flagged as spam and not allowing them to be used. I have fixed this and removed the spam email user filter as there are solid enough anti spam in place without the filter. f you have tried to register and had an issue with a normal free email address, that was the problem and you will now be able to sign up without any issues. Any probs please let me know.
17/05/2014 FAQ's added:
CC:1 has all maps and mods completed upload/linked.
CC:2 has some maps and mods upload/linked
CC:3 has all standard maps uploaded, and screenshotted. Custom maps [1000+] are coming along all up to I linked and screened.
CC:4 All std Maps uploaded and linked, most mods. [all uploaded]
CC:5 All Std Maps uploaded linked and screened, [all mods uploaded not linked]
CCM [CC Marines - CCM 3.1 and CCM4 full programs both uploaded. All maps uploaded and screened.
CCMT All files uploaded, none linked.
CCRAF All maps linked in. Full program may go up, depending on interest.
CC:CoI All files Uploaded. Most mods linked. Std and Custom maps [500+ Maps] screened, not linked.
CC:WaR All files uploaded. All Maps linked and screened. Most mod, patches linked.
CC:TLD All files uploaded. All std maps uploaded and linked. Most mods. Now linking Mods and individual maps screens. Berlin done, Kharkov Done, Meuse, Battle for Caen, Okinawa, Ebo, all screened, uploaded, not linked.
CC: LSA All Files Uploaded. All Maps linked and screened. Mods not linked.
CC: PitF All files uploaded. Maps linked, no screens.

We are creating a new download section for all various version Complete Mod Map-Packs here
Close Combat - All Versions - Complete Mod Map-Packs: ... .php?f=269

We are also uploading TGA archives files of all screens taken.

All Map screens are linked in to the Gallery [Separate from forum screens] Here: ... album_id=1

We are also in the process of creating a site section for unfinished or beta mods, there are several like this, Gallipoli [GW] Korsun, Desert Storm and many others. We are looking for all mods and maps, if you think your collection may have something we don't have or you want a go at finishing or starting a mod, let us know!

Thanks Thread: ... mp;t=17425

New Poll Question:
POll - Who was the best WWII General From ANY Country? ... mp;t=17462

Creating CC Vehicles
Creating CC Vehicles

Format On Stream Error
Format On Stream Error

UOSU Taking In Game Screenshots - Ultima Online Screenshot Utility
UOSU Taking In Game Screenshots

Cheers - S

Re: STICKY - Updated Site Progress - Update - 14-05-2014

PostPosted: Fri May 16, 2014 6:52 pm
by ReconScout
Thank you for all your hard work

Re: Latest - Updated Site Progress - Update - 17-05-2014

PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2014 5:31 am
by Sulla
Hia Recon,

No worries mate. Very good to be back and have the site going again! Man so many great files am discovering! lots I have not had a chance to play even yet. Will be great when all are linked in ;)

Amazing how much I missed CC and the Community! :violin:

Cheers - Sulla

Re: Latest - Updated Site Progress - Update - 18-05-2014

PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2014 5:34 pm
by Drizzt
Hi and welcome back. Thanks for your effort to upgrade the site with all the recent material.

About TLD Kharkov mod maps screen preview and their links:
Borisio map name should be corrected in Boriso.
KKNorthIZ map name should be corrected in KNorthIZ.
Krasnogor map name should be corrected in Krasnogr.
Lypsti map name should be corrected in Lyptsi.

Boravaia map screen preview it’s wrong (it shows Boriso map).

About map names errors that I have reported, very probably only the zip file names and the link names are wrong (I have checked one of them and the files inside it have the correct name). So it’s probably a secondary thing, but I have reported it for completeness.


Re: Latest - Updated Site Progress - Update - 18-05-2014

PostPosted: Mon May 19, 2014 3:43 am
by Sulla
Hia Drizzt,

Many thanks for taking the time to report the errors, that is such a help! What we are trying to do is to make the site a total resource, so there is help, faqs, we have already setup a CC wiki here: [ ].

The maps, I have always thought need a preview and it needs to be full size. So much effort goes into a good map, that people need to be able to see them. We are also trying to hunt down beta mods, plugins and other files, so if needed many mods that got stalled can be finished and to try and keep to some sort of naming convention for mods/maps. There is so much confusion over CC versions, plugins, what mods are made for what version of CC, even what patch level!

The main issue is time lol, the site will be so big that errors will occur, [We already have over 120GB of uploads] when you are going from map-pack or multiple archives to extract files, then bgm to tga, tga to jpg, linking the upload in and uploading screen, its easy to make mistakes! So its a massive help to have errors pointed out.

Also, many mod readme files seem to be missing which we are also trying to hunt down. Eventually I would like to add every map-maker to the correct map as well as mod readmes.

If you would like to help mate, let me know and will add you to mods! That way if you spot an error you can just edit a post. No worries if not, myself or KG will put them right ;)

Cheers - S

Re: Latest - Updated Site Progress - Update - 18-05-2014

PostPosted: Mon May 19, 2014 5:05 am
by Sulla

Some of these maps are so good! Who did these? Any ideas anyone?


Re: Latest - Updated CC & Site News- Update - June-30-2014

PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 2:03 pm
by Sulla

German-Situational-Maps-WW2 Pages

These maps of the Eastern Front cover from 1941 and the Invasion of Russia, until the Fall of Berlin in April 1945.

Re: Latest - CC & Site News- Update - 22th June 2015

PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2015 4:33 pm
by ReconScout
I tried to download some of the new maps but they are not therein the download section only the "new" on the folder?

Re: Latest - CC & Site News- Update - 22th June 2015

PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2015 4:58 pm
by Sulla

Re: Latest - CC & Site News- Update - 28th June 2015

PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 3:19 am
by ReconScout
Thank You

Re: Latest - CC & Site News- Update - 29th June 2015

PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 7:23 pm
by ReconScout
I am using windows 7 and firefox, still cannot see any new downloads since April 2015 just checked the new ones for CC3/COI and nothing there :( the links you posted for me work great

Re: Latest - Updated Site Progress - Update - 18-05-2014

PostPosted: Tue Jun 30, 2015 6:47 pm
by DAK_Legion
Sulla wrote:Wow,

Some of these maps are so good! Who did these? Any ideas anyone?


Maps for CCV Ebro Mod,maps made by Nomada_Zikat

Re: Latest - CC & Site News- Update - 22th June 2015

PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2015 10:30 am
by KG_Werfer
ReconScout wrote:I tried to download some of the new maps but they are not therein the download section only the "new" on the folder?

Some of it is on me with getting it all sorted.. Or getting more available for Shaun to link. Shaun asked me to move the files to link and have not yet finished (some new ones) and have not yet done it. Some are old, some are new CC that have been lost for years to many members, like the above maps.

I try to do some each evening and will continue until they are all finished.


Re: Latest - CC & Site News- Update - 29th June 2015

PostPosted: Sat Jul 04, 2015 5:43 pm
by ReconScout
KG_Werfer, thanks for letting me know, I thought something was wrong with my computer :) I will patiently wait for them to show up. Thank you for all your work helping Shaun with the site.

Re: Latest - CC & Site News- Update - 29th June 2015

PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 2:28 pm
by Sulla
Hia Guys,

I will do a readme for using ISO files etc.

I have several copies of CC:M and CC:RAF on disk that I could simply create ISO's from, this would make it much easier than simply using the install files from the disk.

An ISO howto would be pretty useful anyway ;)

A BIG thanks to WERF for ALL his help in keeping the site up and running!

Cheers - S