Couldn't find the old screenshots

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Couldn't find the old screenshots

Postby redfax84 » Sat Jan 30, 2016 9:14 pm


I remember that you posted a bunch of screenshots a while ago. I had written up some comments, but then I had computer trouble and couldn't post them. Anyway here they are:

Models. Different paintjobs, tanks get dirty, different units add stuff to them (also experience markers). The "Fury" look.

Medics: obviously they shouldn't nurse half-dead soldiers to fighting condition in time for the next battle, but the morale penalty for KIA should be higher than for MIA, so experienced commanders should have a plan to keep medics close to at-risk personnel.

Routes. I hate having to micromanage everyone in real time. I wish it were possible to plan an attack by specifying a given covered route and waypoints for each unit, and then command the attack by pressing the key for Move to next waypoint (All), waiting for all units to reach the next waypoint, and repeating until contact. Units on the defensive would have planned routs of retreat to alternate positions already defined, and a couple more settings than in CC (e.g. hold at all costs, hold, defend, delay, weak delay) so that if a unit comes under mortar fire it would either immediately switch to the alternate position (if on defend, delay or weak delay), or do so just by pressing a key (if on hold or hold at all costs).

Ammo: units with lots of ammo should shoot more aggressively. It should be something along the lines of "Shoot half of the ammo you have remaining every ten minutes". So soldiers usually don't end up without ammo, but eventually they only take a couple of shots a minute.

Whatever you choose with the final setting, NO MORE HEDGEROWS! :-)

Patrols. You set up your troops on the defense and you also give them different patrol routes and schedules, as well as set up OPs. This determines how much forewarning you have before an attack. If you neglect this, you will only take command of your troops when the enemy is perfectly deployed for their attack.

I would like a "first person view" option. It doesn't necessarily have to be first person view exactly, but the idea would be that you can only move squads around if they are within ear shot of you, platoons if they are within 500, companies within a km, etc.

WIP_Art_AOC17. I realize this is hard, but I would really like it if the game didn't have the yellow lines for sectors. Just a continuous map, obviosuly less detailed when zoomed out. Lots of commanders would try to find the gaps between units and sectors, and I think its very limiting to always have to attack along the predetermined axis forced by the sectors bordering. Buildings look very floaty, but I guess you just didn't get around to casting shadows. I would also like the option to just have a military map (or perhaps a road, and a topo map), and official military symbols for units. Also the possibility to write annotations on the map.

Rivers look cool... will there be different classes of bridge? I.e. this one can't take more than 35 tons (would really show the limitations of having Tigers!)

Love the question marks, though again, I think a simple military map with the question mark would also be interesting. Then if you fly recon flights you can paste the photos on top. You could pick the flight plan and time for the flight, which of course would show different things (high altitude obviously covers more ground but with less detail, early morning casts nice shadows from vehicles but also has lots of areas hidden). Is that hill Enna? I'm Sicilian :).

There should be a hierarchy of roads (width, surface), or if there already is it should be more obvious. Rain conditions should degrade unmetaled roads more.

Roads are definitely too wide.

Stenciled text is out of place IMHO. Looks a bit tacky.

Rivers should also be hierarchical, and ideally change size based on rainfall, etc.

Is there any reason for the roundabouts? Looks like southern France circa 1990.

Will units be able to hide in woods?

Not strictly related to the screenshot, but depending on the map, it would be interesting to be able to inundate areas by breaking levees or opening dams. This was very important in both the normandy and dutch campaigns.
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Re: Couldn't find the old screenshots

Postby Sulla » Sat Feb 20, 2016 12:26 pm

Hi Redfax,

We now have much more coming on stream, we are working out pipelines for production, the OOB's are vert large.

Here is a sample of the latest vehicles actually going into game. These are weathered, aged, all hatches etc work, tracks break. We are aiming for Art of Combat to be the most detailed and realistic Wargame ever made. Realism, Options, Modding, Ease of use, AI, Pre Deployment + much much more. The AI is being built from scratch.

We will release more details in time. When I get a moment I will reply to your comments.

Please note these were V V early screens of our first concept pass at the strat map. I will shortly be releasing screens showing the strat map that's in game. There are several GUI screen types we have worked on. These are so we can get community input into what YOU want in game. The updates I will be posting shortly - in game screens - animations - Renders - Wallpapers - AI Animations - & More.

They are over at the AoC Website: ... ?f=3&t=215

Here are cpl of up to date renders of vehicles/weapons going into game. These are game quality as you will see in game.

More soon Redfax, LMK what you think ;)


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Re: Couldn't find the old screenshots

Postby KG_Werfer » Sun Feb 21, 2016 3:49 am

Those M3A1's are really slick looking Shaun
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